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Welcome to the Land of NOD (Not on DVD)

Below you will find a list of Movies Not on R1 DVD as of April 2009.

List last updated April 24, 2009.

Brick and mortar retailers where you can buy a decent selection of genre DVDs are getting scarce. Places you can buy something besides the same mass produced flavor of the week releases dumped on the market are virtually non existent. Niche labels have folded because they can't get their product onto retailer shelves. The economy is bad. We all know it. But I still firmly believe that you can't make money if you don't stock product. And that means more than just rotating shipments of mass produced mediocrity through a few store fronts. Retailers need to go back to the old school way of doing business, meaning viewing merchandize as an investment and people who walk in the door as CUSTOMERS not merely consumers.

Thus, in the wake of Circuit City going belly up, news Borders will no longer bother to carry DVD or CD product, on top of the recent ludicrous announcement about NBC Universal "re-envisioning" their subsidiary cable network currently known as the Sci-Fi channel with a newly minted semi-literate emo tween friendly "re-branding" moniker of "Syfy" I'm going on a rant. Didn't intend to. Today was going to see the first installment of GALACTICA SAGA posted. Alas it seems to me the studio executives have decided that, come hell on earth or an ELE, they're going to ignore what we the public- the folks they like to look down on from their cement towers and call "consumers"- want yet again.

Personally I am tired of having to constantly "upgrade" my stuff. Not that I don't appreciate the quality difference in a CD over a cassette or a DVD over a VHS tape, but it seems like every innovation we get cuts our choices by half. So, in an effort to better guide the studios in utilizing their corporate resources, I'd like to humbly offer this list of movies NOT YET on Region 1 DVD. And not just because spending money on market firms who tell someone it's a good idea to rename a network to something that sounds likes slang for syphilis seems like a bad investment to me. But because I'd actually like to see some of these movies before I die. And, honestly, if these corporations have money to waste on rebranding a network as it's cheaper than firing the incompetent executives who don't have two brain cells to rub together to figure out what SCIENCE FICTION is the least they can do is give us something we want, right?!

Besides 80-90% of the movies in the list below are probably not in any networks current broadcast rotation. Not suggesting anything, just saying these are "properties" just waiting to be utilized. Hint, hint.

That said the titles in this article, to the best of this author's knowledge, have received no official DVD release. While I have tried to weed through these titles and keep only those that don't have a proper R1 DVD release some may have slipped through, if so e-mail me and I shall update and amend this list accordingly.

ADDENDUM: For those reading the list who keep pointing out that such-and-such a title was released in the UK or Germany or elsewhere please note this list is STRICTLY ABOUT REGION ONE (R1) DVD releases. The UK and Germany are R2. Also, I am NOT interested in hearing sale pitches about your favorite ALL REGION DVD player. This list is strictly noting the VOID, as in LACK OF, LEGIT (meaning OFFICIAL, non public domain, remastered from film elements) DVD releases of titles in R1. Where in doubt about the status of a DVD release, such as for titles like THE BITCH (which exists in a FS barebone release on a relatively unknown label) I am erring on the side of caution and listing the title here. If anyone can confirm the status, legit or otherwise, of these releases e-mail me and I shall update the list accordingly. Thank you.

* * !! Warning Some Links May Be NSFW !! * *

2020 Texas Gladiators
976-Evil 2 (?)
Abby (?)
Alien Cargo
Alienator (?)
Along Against Rome
Amazons of Rome
America 3000
The Aftermath (Sid Haig)
The Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
And God Said to Cain
Archer and the Sorceress
Arena (Claudia Christian)
The Arousers
Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatre (?)
Ator, the Fighting Eagle
Ator the Invincible
Bad Girls From Mars (?)
The Barbarians (1987)
Beach Babes from Beyond (?)
Beastmaster 2
Bedazzled (Available)
Behind Convent Walls
The Bermuda Depths
Beverly Hills Vamp
Beyond the Time Barrier
The Bitch
Blood and Roses (Roger Vadim)
Blood Hook (?)
Blood of Dracula's Castle [John Carradine] (?)
Blood on Satan's Claw (?)
The Boob Tube (?)
Caligula and Messalina
Caligula: The Untold Story
Cast a Deadly Spell
Chained Heat
Chained Heat 3000
Chatterbox (1977)
Clash of the Warlords
Cleopatra's Daughter (?)
Colossus of New York
The Coming of Sin
Convoy (1978)
Creature (Restored non-PD print)
Damnation Alley
The Damned (1962)
Day of the Triffids (?)
The Day Mars Invaded Earth (?)
Death Ship (1980)
Deathstalker III
Deep Space [Bo Svenson] (?)
Demonoid (?)
Desert Warrior
Devil Hunters (HK)
The Devils (1971)
Dinosaur Island [Jim Wynorski] (?)
Doom Runners (?)
Duel of the Titans
El Inquisidor
Empire of Ash
Escape from Galaxy 3
Escape from Safehaven
Evil Of Dracula
Fantastic Four (Roger Corman)
Fire and Sword (?)
Forbidden World
Fraternity Row
Future World (?)
Galaxy of Terror
Galactic Gigolo (Available)
Gatorbait (?)
Gatorbait 2 (?)
Genesis II (1973)
Green Slime (1968)
Hamburger the Motion Picture
Hands of the Ripper
Hands of Steel
Hardware [aka Mark 13] (?)
Hearts and Armour
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (Available in a 20th Anniversary Edition)
The Humanoid
I Was A Teenage Frankenstein
I Was A Teenage Werewolf
The Incredible Shrinking Man (?)
Idaho Transfer
Ilsa, Tigress of Siberia (?)
Incredible Shrinking Woman [Lily Tomlin] (?)
Invasion of the Girl Snatchers
Invasion Of the Saucermen
The Invisible Maniac
Iron Warrior
Island City (1994)
It Came from Hollywood (?)
Jupiter's Darling (?)
Killer Workout (?)
Kilma: Queen of the Amazons
Lady Frankenstein (Restored non-PD print)
Land of Doom
Lake Of Dracula
Lana: Queen of the Amazons
Laser blast (?)
Last Bride of Salem
The Last Dinosaur (1977)
Legacy Of Dracula
Liane, Jungle Goddess
Lisistrata (2002)
Long Swift Sword of Siegfried (aka The Lustful Barbarian)
The Lost Empire
Love Slaves of the Amazons
Loves of Salammbo
Mark of the Devil II
Maneater of Hydra (?)
Messalina (1960)
Messalina, Messalina
Message from Space (?)
Metalstorm, Destruction of Jared Syn
Mission Stardust (?)
Montenegro (?; 1981)
Moonbase (?)
Mutant Action
Mutant on the Bounty
Necropolis (?)
Neon City
Nemesis [1, 2, 3, 4] (?)
New Eden
Night of the Creeps
No Blade of Grass
Not of this Earth (1957) (?)
The Pharaoh's Woman (?, peplum)
Phase IV (Available)
Phoenix the Warrior
Planet Earth
Planet Patrol (?)
Princess of the Nile
Programmed to Kill
Project X (1968)
Pussy Talk
The Quatermass Experiment (1953)
Quatermass 2 (1955)
Quatermass And The Pit (1958)
Queen of Blood (?)
Quest for the Mighty Sword
Raiders of Atlantis (?)
Rape of the Sabines (Roger Moore)
Ravagers (Richard Harris)
Red Heat (Linda Blair)
Return of the Roller Blade Seven (1992)
Revenge of the Gladiators
Revolt of the Slaves
Ribald Tales of Robin Hood
Robot Holocaust
Robot Ninja (?)
Robotrix (?)
Roller Blade (1986)
Roller Blade Seven (1991)
Romulus & Remus (Steve Reeves)
Search for the Gods (1975)
The Seven Magnificent Gladiators (Lou Ferrigno)
Seven Slaves Against the World
Shame of the Sabine Women
She Devils of the SS (?)
Shocking Dark
Simon, King Of The Witches (Available)
Sign of the Gladiator
Sins of Rome
The Sisterhood
Snow Devils (aka: La morte viene dal pianeta Aytin)
Song of the South (1946)
Sorceress (1982)
Space Master X-7 (?)
Spartacus and the 10 Gladiators
Starcrash (?)
Star Portal (?; 1998)
Star Odyssey (Restored non-PD print)
Star Quest (?; 1995)
Starship Invasions (?)
The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)
Strange New World
Student Bodies (?)
The Stud
Survival Zone
The Thief of Baghdad (1978)
Thor the Conqueror
Throne of Fire
The Time Guardian (Carrie Fisher)
Time of the Apes (?)
The Tomb (1985)
Twins of Evil
Una sull'altra (Available as Perversion Story)
Vampire Circus
The Velvet Vampire
Violation of the Bitch (?)
Voyage To The End Of The Universe [aka Ikarie XB 1] (?)
W is War
War of the Satellites [Roger Corman] (?)
War of the Zombies
Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy
Warlords (David Carradine; 1989)
Warlords of Atlantis (?)
The Warrior and the Slave Girl
Web of the Spider
Welcome to 18 (?)
West World (?)
Wheels of Fire
When Women Had Tails
When Women Lost Their Tails
The Wicked Lady
Wild Wild Planet (aka: I criminali della galassia)
(It Came) Without Warning (1980)
Wizards of the Lost Kingdom
Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II
Yor, Hunter from the Future (?)
Zone Troopers (?)

* * *


No Holds Barred
Immortal Combat
The Strangeness
Screams Of A Winter Night
The Keep
Freebie & the Bean
Let It Be (Beatles doc.)
Macbeth (1947, Orson Welles)
Master of the World (1961)
Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm
Hellhole Women (?)
Heart Beeps
The Incredible Shrinking Woman (?)
Invasion of the Love Drones (?)
The First Turn On! (?)
The Adventures of Hajji Babba (?)
Pasolini's Arabian Nignts (???)
Phantasm II
Cannibal Girls
Radioactive Dreams
The Keep
Rawhead Rex
Vibes (Cyndi Lauper)
Dr. Jekyll et Les Femmes
Blood of Dr. Jekyll (?)
Glissements progressifs du plaisir (?)
La belle captive (?)
Opium (1919)
Flavia, Slave of Rome (?)
Per Amore di Poppea (?)
Ulysses (Kirk Douglas) ???
The Swords of Wayland (?, S&S)

BTW, a note to the confused suits who have been running the Sci-Fi channel into the ground: While you've been scratching the hairy moles on your arse like inbred idiots that can't figure out how to open a twist top root beer bottle the following science fiction television series are NOT, I repeat, NOT being broadcast much of anywhere (and many also aren't on R1 DVD, or are not being stocked by retailers) and their syndication rights are probably available:

Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.
Blake's 7
Deepwater Black
The Highway Man
The Invisible Man (1975)
Legend (1995)
Logan's Run
Max Headroom
The Man from Atlantis
Mann and Machine
Mercy Point
Phoenix Five
Star Hunter
Star Hunter 2300
Star Maidens
Star Cops
Time Trax

That's just the tip of the iceberg. So c'mon! There's PLENTY to program besides wrestling and faux paranormal ghost chaser programs. Seriously WTF does either of those have to do with science fiction?

Also, whoever currently owns Roger Corman's catalog of titles seems to be sitting on them. It seems like most, if not all, the old Corman produced titles are OOP. What's more the "Roger Corman Presents" made-for-cable series of movies from the mid 90s, the few that were released to DVD, were never widely available. Hint.

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Len said...

I have the Brisco County Set on dvd- not sure if it is discontinued, it's been a couuple of years. I also believe that The Invisible Man (75) is available as well.