Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Blast From the Past!

Who was it that first said the more things change the more they stay the same? I think they could have added: "and if you live long enough to realize that fact first hand you wont know whether to laugh or cry."

I'm sure this has probably been mentioned before, somewhere, but I only just stumbled onto this interesting article about Battlestar Galactica- from way back in the day- archived at people dot com: Blast-Off or Rip-Off? It's especially weird to read how Dirk Benedict had been "bumming his way around the U.S." prior to getting the part of Starbuck. This seems especially ironic after having posted the article Dirk Benedict Strikes Back! last month.

You never really think about the fact a group of people who you grew up watching on TV and have achieved some modicum of fame since were once unknowns described as an "improbable ingenue foursome - all attractive and unmarried to boot - that is helping Galactica churn out more sexual tension per hour than any Sunday night show since I, Claudius."

They compared BSG to I, Claudius? And here I thought BSG was just a stupid kiddie series. Isn't that how the pundits and fanboys of the new series used to dismiss the original series? It's that old 70s disco show with the lame VFX and the monkey in a dog suit and yada yada yada who cares that it gave their own lauded show life. Yet here I am, someone who actually watched that series as a kid, reading an article about it from yahrens ago and I have to admit it's facinating. Then, as now, the press (and criticims) about the series seems to be all about "sex" and, well, read it for your self: "As Cassiopea, Battlestar's "Socialator," Laurette Spang plays a sort of intergalactic Mary Magdalene. Her first love scenes with Dirk Benedict were so steamy that ABC demanded a re-shooting. "

All I can say is. . . Who has these outtakes? ;)

I hope you enjoy reading the article as much as I did. It's a real eye opener. Once again that article can be found: here.

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