Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Galactica Saga is coming!

Greetings All,

Cosmic Cinema's very own fanfic series will be appearing here soon. It is a work of fiction inspired by, and set in, Glen A. Larson's Battlestar Galactica universe. I hope you enjoy it.

Kind Regards,

Kester Pelagius


P.S. If I could create a teaser promo for the fanfic, it might look something like this:


A pinpoint of shimmering light appears in the vastness of interstellar space. It is an ugly crimson. Red like blood but churning with the menace of liquid fire. It begins to flash and move side to side.
(Start Cyclon sound effect.)

Extreme close-up.
(CSI-like effect into the light and through to: )

An explosion bright as a star.
The light fades revealing smaller pin pricks of light.
Each light is a ship. Each ship is engaged in combat.

NARRATION (female voice): They say no one remembers how the war began. We sent out our first exploratory vessels thousands of yahren ago, because we knew we weren't alone. We had no idea how those first fateful encounters would shape life in the Colonies.

A single discordant note chimes. A pause then (suddenly) the Battlestar Galactica them begins to play as the titles scroll with the words "GALACTICA SAGA" in the familiar font followed by "Phoenix Rising" in flames then, all color fading, out of the flames bursts the prow of a vessel shaped like a winged avian. It flys straight into center screen as a shriek sounds to end the title sequence.


Montage of space combat.

NARRATION (different female voice): They say no one remembers how the war began. But we know how long it's been depleting our resources, taking the lives of our noble warriors: a thousand yahrens. That's a long time. Perhaps that's why we were so eager to see it end. So eager to believe. . . Until we were betrayed.


A dimly lit corridor filled with smoke.
Sounds of blaster fire as a man's voice yells indistinct orders.
Suddenly two figures appear. One goes down (a colonial warrior, male) the other (a woman dressed, barely, as a socialator) picks up the fallen warriors blaster just as a cylon appears in the corridor.


Montage of socialtor and colonial warrior (female with pulse rifle) running through hazy corridors, cylons exploding, fires erupting out of air vents until . .
The following words appear on screen:


NARRATION (voiced simultaneously): Are you ready to find out how we helped put an end to the cylon tyranny?

(Cue library sound of Apollo: Let's go!)



#end of line

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