Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mise-en-scene Crypt now has a blogger presence!

For those who don't know Mise-en-scene Crypt was my original cinema themed blog. It covered a wider range of movie genres that Cosmic Cinema, mostly b-movies and exploitation, alas it was hosted on Yahoo 360. An abandoned platform. Long story short I've set up several back-ups yet have not been satisfied with how any of them handle. So, today, having finally backed up my Yahoo 360 blog to Yahoo's new "universal profile" and being totally disgusted with the result I've made the move to blogger.

It's a simple URL:

It took Yahoo 2+ years to get around to providing a means to download a back-up of the blog, the less said about that mess the better, but I've managed to get the first Mise-en-scene Crypt post, slightly modified, up and posted.

Look for more posts soon.

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