Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life is like a Box of Chocolates

There's plenty to like and dislike and all flavors in between.

Sadly if you type the word "doom" into Google news search these days you will likely get over eleven thousand hits. The first page seems to be full of gloomy news either about how bad the economy is, headlines heralding pending doom for the economy, or articles about how bad things are and how this, that, and the other thing are failing in these troubled times. Nothing new. Been going on for a while. But when I saw this headline:

Chimps Plotting Our Doom

My reaction wa O-M-G W-T-F that's enough I'm sick of this sh!t!

I don't even know what the article is about. I didn't bother to read it. It just happens to be the proverbial last straw.

Time is change. Once motion pictures were heralded as the harbinger of doom for traditional entertainment media, meaning theatrical stage productions, but it quickly became a popular, yet different, media co-existing with theatre. Then came along television, which had movie moguls and filmmakers panties all in a bunch, everyone swore and protested saying television would kill movies. But television and movie theaters are both still around. If history is any indication the doomsayers are, in a word, buttheads. In two words, moronic egoists that just like to hear themselves talk. They love to shout how the sky if falling, how the world is coming to an end, yet the morning always comes. It always will. Get over yourselves.

How long has it been since the new media of Betamax was vying with VHS for dominance of the home entertainment market? Now most younger videophiles probably barely remember those formats as HD-DVD is the current fading failed media format memory. It has left Blu-Ray to compete with standard def DVD for, according to the doomsayers, an ever decreasing market share. Of course the fact retailers are refusing to stock anything but studio product, which is all Blu-Ray seems to have at the moment, isn't to blame. Never mind that 99.999% of Hollywood's output these days is lame garbage. That can't possibly be why sales are affected or why people aren't going to theaters, it's obviously the economy. So say the doomsayers.

Yet it was not that long ago people were debating the merits of CED over LD discs, all long since gone the way of the dodo. Sales weren't good for LD but it held on for a number of years as an high end (meaning over priced) niche market for videophones with quantities of 'disposable income'.

Detecting a pattern yet?

Life is change. Sadly, in this age of victim culture where no one is responsible for anything, it seems that too many people aren't able to come to grips with reality. They've got their politically correct blinders on and refuse to admit there's a mountain of garbage in their backyard. Thus the garbage continues to pile up and all they want to do is complain about how bad the air smells. Alas instead of picking up a shovel to do something constructive the doomsayers just gesticulate wildly like rabid two year olds looking for attention. Well let me just remind you that certain fringe fundamentalist televangelical types have been heralding the END OF DAYS for decades. It's always imminent, always near, yet never arrives.

World I'd like you to look the doomsayers in their beady little eyes and repeat after me:


So say we all.

#end of line

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