Saturday, April 4, 2009

Borders to Discontinue Multi Media

For the most part I ignore Borders. They haven't stocked anything I want to buy for a couple years. So I just stopped bothering to go there. However I was somewhat surprised to see that this week's coupon mailing also mentioned the fact certain Borders stores were having a 40% clearance sale on ALL CD & DVD stock.

At least that's what I thought it said. The reality, once you get into the store, is it's only a 'clearance' on select items that have a red sticker on them. I almost walked out. But I was there and decided to have a look around as it'd been a while. What instantly shocked me was the state of the DVD section. Last year they folded science fiction, action, westerns, and other random movies into one large section. It looked decimated. What's more I didn't see a single title in the cult or horror sections that had been released in the last year, at least by anyone other than a mainstream Hollywood studio.

Curious I approached the clerk at the help desk and asked if Borders was going out of business or merely getting rid of their DVD section. The clerk told me, after looking around to be sure no one could hear, that he'd heard Borders was getting rid of ALL mass media product. Sad news. Alas most of the DVDs they have in stock are at full retail price, despite the fact the studios have been dumping these very same titles as remaindered stock for over a year. But if you've missed out on the Big Lots $3 DVD blowout sales this may be a opportunity to find some older titles as I imagine Borders will be clearing out their warehouses.

It's a shame though. Borders used to be the go to store for Alpha Video titles (once upon a time they carried every single title) and niche cult and horror movies. Alas they have not stocked anything but the same tired old mass produced Hollywood mediocrity their competitors do for some time now, and always at a higher sticker price. Granted Circuit City bit the dust but Best Buy is still around and you just can't make money selling a box set of title X for $39.95 when Borders has the same box set, just a block or three up the street, of title X for $19.99.

Anyway if you haven't been to Borders in a while check your e-mail. This weekend's coupon is for 30% off anything in store. Odds are you wont find much in the DVD section but you never know. This could be your lucky weekend. Just remember to print out that coupon because if it's not one of the "red sticker" items on "clearance" you're going to need it. Too, they seem to have a lot of Blu-Ray titles. Oddly I didn't notice many red stickers on them though.

Good hunting bargain shoppers!

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