Sunday, June 1, 2008


Welcome to Cosmic Cinema,

This Blog is an adjunct to Mise-en-Scene Crypt specifically dedicated to Science Fiction and Fantasy, and perhaps the odd U.F.O. slash 'conspiracy theory' related news story and/or cinema related events.

Mise-en-scène refers to what is "put into a scene", it is thus as much about visual composition as it is about the performance. At Mise-en-scene Crypt I've posted many reviews, always with this in mind. I will continue to ask the hard questions- like: What makes for a good scene? What makes for a bad scene?- but the one question at the heard of every one of my reviews will be: Was this a good movie?

Of course ideas of what is good, bad, or downright terrible is a matter of opinion. So if something I post doesn't mesh with your feelings that's perfectly fine, as is letting me know what your take is. Of course I reserve the right to disagree, politely.

Kind Regards,

Kester Pelagius

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